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Vision   The Centre for Risk Management (Centre) is dedicated to addressing issues of public safety and environment protection through the promotion of integrated risk management processes for industry and government.

Goals   Integrated risk management is a process or framework that supports the systematic analysis, assessment, communications, actions, and accountability for risk (flow diagram available). To achieve this the Centre will:
  • provide industry and government with tools, consistent with integrated risk management, that will allow developments to proceed with the public's confidence.

  • assist industry and government to develop policies which make sense to their stakeholders and are supported by scientific facts.

  • assist industry and government in maintaining noticeable improvement in their practices through appropriate performance measures.

  • assist industry and government to be seen as acting responsibly by meeting or exceeding the public's expectations for safety.

Principles   Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment values associated with any development, can change substantially due to an assortment of technical and social factors. What is constant are the principles associated with an integrated risk management process. The following are the basis for all decision making using an integrated risk management process:
  • maximize the benefit of development to society.

  • be able to measure the benefit as increased life expectancy, and healthy eco-system.

  • be an open, transparent process and apply across all risks.

  The Centre is an association of professionals committed to the vision, goals, and principles stated above and is made up of a Board of Directors and associate members with specific expertise in risk assessment (risk analysis, risk communications), risk controls (reduction, mitigation, emergency response planning and preparedness), risk accountability (audits, inspections and monitoring), and public involvement.

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